You Have Menopause And You Don’t Know It How To Recognize Symptoms And Prevent Diseases

You Have Menopause And You Don’t Know It How To Recognize Symptoms And Prevent Diseases

Introduction Of You Have Menopause And You Don’t Know It How To Recognize Symptoms And Prevent Diseases

You Have Menopause And You Don’t Know It How To Recognize Symptoms And Prevent Diseases. That’s a very good indication that you probably are going through menopause and even worse if we add to this other symptom such as menstrual irregularity lack of sleep irritability problems many times to be able to digest food and all that has to do with a hormonal change the same happens with the man when the man is changing from hormones becomes irritable unbearable choleric bad many times because testosterone makes a man aggressive and that has a lot to do with hormonal change so next time dear maria let you say you probably don’t have one think carefully about the symptoms have you been with menstrual irregularity status you with.

The problems in the rule are you with hot flashes irritability lack

The problems in the rule are you with hot flashes irritability lack of sleep digestive problems if so you probably have and are reaching menopause here I have another question that they asked me It is related to this and we are going to listen well that question tells me Alberto Sanchez Doctor My wife is going through menopause and they are giving hormones to treat her problem but still she has tired me says tiredness hair loss dry skin and other symptoms that they may or may not also be menopausal the doctor does not know what to do and neither do I I already know what to do please help me a very good question and that is very important when there is a hormonal change that it does in the man or the woman it will always accompany and will always be tied to other hormones, for example, if in the women change female hormones.

That will be tied to problems or thyroid conditions without the male change male hormones that it can also be tied to the thyroid problem so when you try to take something for menopause or andropause in women may be the less final cm for example that can be found in doctor landívar dotcom in man can be the living and taiz when you take those supplements and improve they have only improved half of the problem because the other half comes tied to thyroid hormones so if you have problems at home from fatigue weight gain hair loss problems even dryness in the skin very carefully because that menopause or that andropause in the man may be affecting the thyroid what should be done, First of all, you should avoid foods that block that hormone that are.


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Wheat in some vegetables that you can see in a video specifically broccoli cabbage and have to take a supplement to activate that thyroid and then for example the meta fireeye define doctor landívar the goal Jaime very very important here I have in mind that they made me a some time ago and he says like this he says almeida the name almeida almeida asks me doctor, I have all kinds of hormonal problems, no, I’m not in menopause. but I don’t know how to control them anymore please help me to be able to do it that is the Most people’s problem doesn’t matter if you’re in menopause or are out of menopause or out of andropause women hormones always have to be in order as they are going to achieve it simple you have to sleep well because without sleep.

The cycle biological cycle the hormone cycle all hormones

I do not know can regulate the cycle biological cycle the hormone cycle all hormones are released at a certain time in the day and without them, you cannot work then the very important dream that has to be in order second exercise because if you don’t exercise you are going to do what sugar builds up if sugar builds up not being used and if it is not being used, you will not be able to use that energy to form hormones so second decrease sugar third start to consume more fruits and vegetables but especially fat healthy because the fat doctor has been telling us for decades that you that we should eat little fat in our food yes it is true but harmful fat they should eat little healthy fat is part of the formation of hormones if you do not eat healthy fat.

You will not form hormones and therefore so much going to have hormonal disorders either woman man so fat healthy sleep and exercise very very important if there are not those three factors hormones cannot be regulated and obviously, that affects everything afterward type of problems insulin resistance diabetes circulation problems varicose veins inflammation and much much more and finally I have a question and from What happened to me here, Mrs. Monica Serrana Medicine? next doctor I have problems with digestion and my digestive problems started just with my menopause that I can Ask a very good question Mrs. Monica see when the hormones change either man woman again changes everything changes the whole body many doctors.

They are going to say that is not true but that is true because I see it all days in my patients if you change your hormones the whole body is used to having those hormones and when you take them off of the body is needing that to function and they start digestive problems with this hormonal change stomach digestion the liver, pancreas and all organs are attacked and feel like they are not They are in their sauce so to speak and with that obviously, the problems begin digestive start gas bloating gastritis problems what we could normally eat dislikes us and obviously at the same time there is to do everything possible so that digestion can work so look for the duty and in the end look for the good times look for the pro biliary look for balance look for supplements.

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