Why do I have swollen eyes Causes and solutions for swelling and bags

Why do I have swollen eyes Causes and solutions for swelling and bags

Introduction Of Why do I have swollen eyes Causes and solutions for swelling and bags

Why do I have swollen eyes Causes and solutions for swelling and bags. I am accumulating fluids it could be precise because my food or the salt that I am accumulating in my food is not the better if you listen well to this if you are adding salt to your food and at the same time they are wanting their eyes not to swell that is not going to happen turns out to be that the salt you will have experienced at some point if I put salt on the table anywhere in the world and wait 15 to 20 minutes I’m going to see that.

Where does the salt and water go here I have another interesting question

That salt and those grains of salt accumulate water because because they all the water in the environment is sucked and put into the salt and that salt is returns salty water attracts salt and mixes water with salt that’s a law of nature if you take salt eat a lot of salt instead that they are urinating the excess water they will be accumulating in the body because where does the salt and water go here I have another interesting question that They spent a while ago, Carmela Pendín tells me to ask me, doctor, is it true? that applying spoons or cold compresses to puffy eyes can be very helpful Carmela had a good question if you can help because it helps because. Read More Why do I have swollen eyes Causes and solutions for swelling and bags.

It turns out that since this part of my eyes is the part with the least circulation has this little skin that I have under my eyes under the eyelids that part will activate circulation if I put something cold on to change the temperature I’m going to put something cold and quickly blood vessels that I have in this part of my eyes are going to close and suck all the liquid all the water that I have in the part in the part lower eyes and that eye puffiness will disappear so Carmela wants to take advantage of a cold spoon you have or sliced ​​cucumbers that they are fresh and that they have just come out of the refrigerator is something that can help it is not a myth it is not something.


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That they have invented out there it works It really does work and you can use it whenever you want here I have another interesting question that happened a while ago about the eye swelling pay attention Maria Maria asks me to doctor the bags in eyes are the same as puffy eyes dear maria excellent question having bags under the eyes may not be the same or maybe also the same let’s see if you have puffy eyes in the long run obviously if I stretch the skin of my eyes in 10 20 30 years that will cause my skin stretching would cause you to have a baggy eye and eye swollen are going to cause just that stretch of the skin now.

The skin is stretched that is obviously caused by a reason

If the skin is stretched that is obviously caused by a reason it is not the same thing but one thing leads to another so basically it is caused by the same problem beware what It is eaten careful with the salt, be careful with the excess water and obviously if he is not urinating too much it is very very important here I have another question let’s go to go answering little by little let’s go here tells me Carolina perpetual me Ask to doctor those of us with kidney problems, is it possible that we can do to deflate our eyes a very good question turns out to be that if you are not urinating you are not losing fluid in the water you are accumulating.

The eyes and obviously is accumulating the problem of the eyes will persist that can be done take horse leaf or rather tail of horse take herbs such as parsley to take pineapple that may be diuretic take diuretic ingredients that should help you urinate and aid in the toilet remove all the water that they have a well second third reason why they can form dark circles or eye puffiness if you do not sleep they will swell and people think that many times by not sleeping they will lose weight and it is completely the opposite if you do not sleep you will gain weight you will get fat, swell, retain fluid, and hormones will not work and in the long run obviously health problems are going to stay that way that.

Beware of puffy eyes very important to maintain very health It is important to check how much salt you are eating, how are your kidneys, how much water are you evacuating and how much is retained ana vélez I ask doctor I have hyperthyroidism and I feel like my eyes are bigger will that be due to the accumulation of fluid dear ana when there is hyperthyroidism It is the excessive functioning of the body the eyes are often exceeded but that has absolutely nothing to do with dark circles with puffy eyes like the lower part of the eye is said that has more to do with something behind the eye that scientists have seen that when there is hyperthyroidism, more fat and forces.

The eye to come out so that’s a completely different thing a different thing and for the which you need a professional to also help you with this issue comes The last question also asked about this topic is asked by carmen Heredia carmen I ask the following doctor I have puffy eyes and I would like to take diuretics or diuretic foods daily that you recommend that I do dear meat first of all if the eyes swell obviously can be due to an accumulation of water you can take diuretics if you can.

Now is It is not convenient to take diuretics because when taking diuretics It is precise with diuretics that you will lose potassium, magnesium, minerals necessary for the blood to circulate, which I do advise are you eat foods that are diuretic there if you can consume again the same pineapple the mint extract the mint tea is fabulous for that the watermelon parsley the herbs in a green juice that many times can speed up metabolism and speed up of the kidney all that can help her and can help a lot very well then the last question he asks me na sap úbeda she asks me the following doctor I suffer from stress and I give myself to account in when.

I am stressed I also feel with many more dark circles It turns the bottom of my eyes black and I wanted to see if that has any relationship or is it just my imagination good dear ana I tell you that if it is true the more stress you have the worse sleep you will have the more dark circles you will suffer and more accumulation of water overweight will suffer and obviously greater amount of fluid build-up in your eyes is going to have so much care I tried to calm down and you try to relax everything is some supplement like 5 htp melatonin.

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