Benefits And Contraindications Of Banana

Benefits And Contraindications Of Banana

Introduction Of  Benefits And Contraindications Of Banana

Who Can Eat Banana? – Benefits And Contraindications Of Banana. The famous banana is one of the most popular fruits that exist and although many people have it as their favorite fruit few people know that this plant is banana plant is considered a herb and its fruit in yes it is classified as a berry now what is even weirder is like the banana itself is radioactive.

We should avoid it to stay healthy naturally

But in a very particular way so that in the article revealing five of the most health benefits impressive of consuming banana or plantain and when we should avoid it to stay healthy naturally and effectively a cordial greeting everything is translated naturopath Vandiver as a conventional medical tourist and founder doctor Vandiver dotcom on this conventional comedy channel I treat my patient’s natural medicine birds homeopathy acupuncture before resorting to the use of pharmaceutical drugs, therefore.

If I have the channel consider subscribe and press the bell below to receive notifications and be the first to see the new article if you need an online consultation or quality supplements for your disease visit doctor landívar dotcom and you want until the end of the article shortly tips and articles related to this issue I do not think there is a single person on this planet who does not know what a banana is this fruit is one of the most popular that exist but in addition to that, it is extremely healthy and delicious.

The banana as it is also called in other countries contains many nutrients essentials provide important benefits for digestion the heart and even weight loss but there are also times when the consumption of the banana is not a good idea and it is important to know when should not be consumed so that in releasing 5 of the benefits for the most impressive health to consume banana or plantain and when we should avoid staying healthy naturally and effectively number 1 the banana has a lot of potassium everyone knows that bananas or banana is rich in potassium contain so much potassium.

That person with kidney disease should not consume them

That person with kidney disease should not consume them in a row they contain so much potassium that people with kidneys or kidney failure should not consume the bea our kidneys are responsible for filtering many of the minerals that we are eating and that they are in circulation this means that if they are not working correctly many of these minerals can be retained in your system in the blood and cause problems in the future now said that the banana is also known to have an anti cramp action before muscle cramp everyone knows that eating a banana is against muscle cramps precisely because it contains potassium, both causes.

The most common occurrence of a cramp you may have is precisely the lack of potassium or magnesium and precisely with the consumption of banana can improve that lack of mineral a banana for you to have an idea contains 9 percent of all the potassium you need and the 33 percent of all the vitamin b6 you require other than this contains vitamin c magnesium copper manganese fiber protein and much more if you need a good quality multivitamin formula containing all vitamins and minerals that you need and that comes together with 42 extracts of fruit and vegetables to have a better effect and actively look for the multi timing from a file in doctor landívar dotcom number 2.


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The banana contains powerful antioxidants Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of antioxidants from in fact they are the best source now the banana itself is not an exception because anna contains many types of antioxidants that are potent including the famous dopamine and the catechins for those who do not know these antioxidants are related to many benefits to our health such as the risk of a heart disease degenerative joint diseases of bones etcetera now watch out because.

When I mention dopamine it is not the same dopamine

When I mention dopamine it is not the same dopamine that is found in our brain and tells us well-being and that desire to live is different state dopamine for mines simply acts as a strong antioxidant instead of hormone-altering your state of mood in the human body so eat bad or bad if you can is healthy especially if you don’t have any underlying kidney disease Now another thing that I always suggest you do is try to consume some type of antioxidant that you can use daily for the longest possible time something for example like vitamin c the vitamin is assured that it will remain oxidation-free. keep healthy free from premature aging yes you need.

A good concentration of vitamin c that is organic and that can take every day look for the ultra c meal the file in the doctor Vandiver dotcom number 3 banana keeps us satisfied one of the healthiest ingredients we all need to consume to stay healthy is fiber is known as fiber part of the food that can be of plant origin vegetables fruits nuts etc. that the body cannot digest or break down now this is very good because it gives our food volume allows us to digest it with ease and being able to transport it through.

The entire digestive system curiously the resistant fiber that is the fiber that cannot be digested and it is the fiber that is found in the banana in the banana while the greener the banana you consume the more resistant fiber you are going to consume per another side of the banana is riper with fiber and already becomes digestible and not has as much of an effect as something insoluble would have to have for the digestion can real advantage of it so always use the fiber is going to be with.

Which you feel satiated can have good digestion and at the same time

Which you feel satiated can have good digestion and at the same time you can keep your whole organism healthy if you need how effective it has all the fiber you need for you to have good digestion and fight constipation and any condition digestive health look for the ccit room the file and doctor landívar dotcom number 4 the banana improves heart health because the banana is so good for the heart good to start this fruit has a very mineral important for our circulation is potassium is a mineral essential for heart health especially because it helps control blood pressure the sad part of all this is that very few people know.

That the potassium found in the banana will have a better effect with the blood pressure that many times with cramps we can suffer a medium-sized contains 9 percent of everything we need from potassium daily in addition to this it has already been shown that a diet rich in potassium helps lower blood pressure and improve the health of the heart people who consume potassium daily have up to 27 per 100% lower risk of heart disease and 30% lower risk of any other type of pressure condition so very important all foods containing potassium magnesium have a very central value in the heart if you need a quality supplement.

Why people who exercise can carry it I want moment without having to carry

That can take together with any type of fruit or vegetable especially the banana to improve heart health look for jar excel and cardio define doctor Vandiver dotcom number 5 banana is excellent for exercise the easiest thing about consuming a banana is being able to transport it and eat it when you want it, this is one of the reasons why people who exercise can carry it I want moment without having to carry it a bag or container that is more difficult to handle this fruit It is often referred to as the fruit of choice for any athlete in part because they are high in minerals such as potassium the magnesium we already talked about but also.

Because it is easy to transport of eating to use and can combat all kinds of cramps Muscle related to exercise, by the way, it is not yet known exactly if the cramp is specifically from potassium there are many other minerals involved in this effect and it can be also due to dehydration due to a lack of magnesium and other types of vitamins or minerals that may be lacking in the body if we need cash you can take to improve your daily energy your endurance and make your body want to exercise every day bosch.READ