Weight loss tips

If you want to lose weight, you should follow a healthy diet and do right exercise. A combination of healthy diet and right exercise will help you achieving your goal of losing weight and being fit and healthy. 

Weight Loss Tips

Healthy Diet Plan

Plan your meals 

Try to plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the week and make sure you stick to your plan. Eating at regular times during the day helps lose weight at a faster rate. It also reduces the temptation to snack on foods high in fat and sugar. Following a plan of an expert nutritionist or dietitian is usually the smartest choice. 

Low-Carb Diet 

Studies show that low-carb diets can result in weight loss. These diets are in common use for decades and are recommended by many doctors. Numerous studies show that such a regimen can help you lose 2–3 times as much weight as a standard low-fat diet while also improving your health 

Eat fruits and vegetables 

Fruit and vegetables are low in calories and fat, and high in fiber 3 essential ingredients for successful weight loss. Their high-water content gives them low energy density, making them very filling. These foods are also very nutritious, so eating them is important for your health. They also contain plenty of vitamins and minerals. Vegetables and fruits have several properties that make them effective for weight loss. 

Fruits and Vegetables

Drink a lot of water especially before meals 

water can help with weight loss in a variety of ways. It suppresses appetite, boosts metabolism, reduces overall liquid calorie intake and helps burning body fat. Drinking water can boost metabolism by 24–30% over a period of 1–1.5 hours, helping you burn off a few more calories. One study showed that drinking a half-liter (17 ounces) of water about half an hour before meals helped dieters eat fewer calories and lose 44% more weight, compared to those who didn’t drink the water. 

Drinking Water

Avoid Sugary Drinks and Fruit Juices 

Sugar is bad, but sugar in liquid form is even worse. Calories from liquid sugar are the single most fattening aspect of the modern diet. Sugar drinks are linked to a 60% increased risk of obesity in children for each daily serving. This applies to fruit juice as well, which contains a similar amount of sugar as a soft drink like Coke. Eat whole fruit, but limit or avoid fruit juice altogether. 


Cut down on alcohol 

A standard glass of wine can contain as many calories as a piece of chocolate. Over time, drinking too much can easily contribute to weight gain. 

Intermittent Fasting 

Intermittent fasting is a popular eating pattern in which people cycle between periods of fasting and eating. It leads to several bodily changes that promote fat burning. The main reason that intermittent fasting works for weight loss is that it helps you eat fewer calories. 

Do Exercise  

Exercise burns calories, and this plays a key role in weight loss. Following are some best exercises for weight loss. 


Walking is a great exercise for beginners, as it can be done anywhere, doesn’t require equipment, and puts minimal stress on your joints. This one’s perfect for those who are too lazy or have no time to go to gym and hate running. 



Jogging and Running 

Jogging and running are great exercises for weight loss that are easy to incorporate into your weekly routine. They can also help burn belly fat. 


Weight Lifting Workouts 

Weight lifting can help you lose weight by burning calories during and after your workout. It may also help you build muscle mass, which raises your resting metabolic rate, the number of calories your body burns at rest. 

Weight Lifting


Yoga is a great weight loss exercise that can be done nearly anywhere. It is a popular way to exercise and relieve stress. Yoga burns a fair number of calories and offers many additional health benefits that can promote weight loss. It not only burns calories but also teaches you mindfulness to help you resist food cravings. 


Sleep well at night 

A good 6 to 8 hours of sleep is recommended at night for optimum weight loss. Our body burns more calories while sleeping, and even more when we are sound asleep Curbing your midnight hunger pangs is also important as a study shows that it can play havoc with your sleep pattern, which can further cause overeating in a vicious cycle. 

Sleep well

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