U.S. Starts Vaccinating People Against COVID-19

The first people in the U.S. are receiving vaccination shots against COVID-19 , as U.S. health workers started administering the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. The first widely publicized vaccination took place in New York City, shortly after 9 a.m. ET. The event was live-streamed and promoted by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Sandra Lindsay the first person vaccinated against COVID-19

Sandra Lindsay, a critical care nurse at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, was the first person to receive the vaccine at the event. She received a shot administered by Dr. Michelle Chester. Lindsay said “I am feeling great. I feel like healing is coming, I hope this marks the beginning to the end of a very painful time in our history.”

Other states started their own vaccinations just days after the FDA granted an emergency use authorization. The first vaccine doses are earmarked for the elderly, front-line workers and people with health conditions that increase their risk. States are using tiered systems to determine who gets the first doses in what is a very limited number of vaccines.

The vaccine is historic, developed just months after the coronavirus became a public health threat. this is hope and beginning of end of pandemic.

source: Governor Mike DeWine’s Twitter

Federal officials say vaccine distribution will ramp up in the coming months, as they plan to carry out tens of millions of vaccinations between now and early 2021.

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