This Indicates The Bad Smell Of Your Gases-How To Eliminate Flatulence Or Stinky Farts

This Indicates The Bad Smell Of Your Gases-How To Eliminate Flatulence Or Stinky Farts

Introduction Of This Indicates The Bad Smell Of Your Gases How To Eliminate Flatulence Or Stinky Farts

This Indicates The Bad Smell Of Your Gases How To Eliminate Flatulence Or Stinky Farts. When we consume for example vegetables that are difficult to digest with a lot of fiber such as For example, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, even cabbage or asparagus. gases that you are producing often smell like rotten eggs you are probably consuming too much fiber in foods that they contain sulfur for example there are vegetables like the ones I just mentioned that are even in this family of foods such as onion the garlic and others so be careful because if you are consuming foods that have too much fiber high in sulfur and other types of foods that are fermented instead of being digested may be just causing excessive gas production that you can eliminate yourself number 2 you may have a food intolerance Food intolerances are much more common than you think now you should be careful because.

The intolerances cause digestive disorders

It is not the same as a food allergy is completely different I’m going to instead an allergy the intolerances cause digestive disorders such as diarrhea gas bloating or nausea an intolerance precisely what its name indicates is not being able to tolerate the digestion of certain foods like lactose, for example, now if you have bad odors and you have gas you need to find out if the foods you are eating are not dietary issues regarding these intolerances need to be an elimination diet where you eliminate one food at a time to be able to see if the body has any improvement for example during a whole month you could try eliminating dairy beans certain vegetables onions nuts almonds could be any type of food once you eliminate one food at a time will observe if there is no change and then that.


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The change is made, you can even try again to eat that food to confirm the theory and realize that it is the food that is causing you to produce gas number 3 colon cancer even though you do not create by one of the possible causes of bad smells and smelly farts cancer especially colon cancer you will see in our intestine can form the famous political or even tumors perhaps in the digestive tract that can cause a partial and intestinal obstruction that like gas fermentation swelling and begins to give you discomfort for gases that shouldn’t be there at first if you have that problem and many times cannot explain why there is a blockage maybe gases that do not explains that he does not understand where they come from because he has nothing to do with even foods.

That you are consuming check with a doctor and make a consultation to find the cause very often we forget too that cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world and colon cancer It is one of the most common cancers that exist, everything will depend on whether the gases that you have are prolonged ahead you have a lot of time and you have to analyze truly if that is not a cause that must be individualized number 4 constipation one of the most common causes of bad odor or production of gas is follow-up if your stool remains in the digestive system for a long time continue to ferment producing bacteria producing gases and end up producing more bad-smelling gases in other words the faster you go to the bathroom better now the first step to treating constipation effectively.

It is done by taking a fairly generous intake of water

So that it does not produce gases, it is done by taking a fairly generous intake of water, the more you drink, the easier it will be to release the gases because there will be greater intestinal propulsion and obviously at the same time improve digestive health second don’t forget to add whatever be fruits and vegetables healthy fibers so that it does not ferment in your food and does not gas in exaggeration if you want to learn how to eliminate tracking in a natural way cast the video encores right after this episode and if you need a quality supplement that can help you treat constipation and at the same time all digestive health as you need it to look for in the xxxiv room doctor landívar dotcom number 5 no you are digesting your food there are two important things.

That can happen in the intestine when we consume our food if our food is digested Obviously it will digestion but if it ferments it will produce a fermentation and a production of gases that should not be there in the first place now curiously the main ingredient so that you can make a good digestion are digestive enzymes these are responsible for break down all that is fiber carbohydrates proteins etc. to be able to prevent fermentation from happening and the problem is that not all of us we produce the same amount of digestive enzymes every day some we produce small amounts and obviously digestion is difficult from food the right way if we don’t produce enough enzymes This may be due to a problem in the pancreas that is obviously It will make us swell, it will make gas production worse, it will not make it worse. digestion has no idea how important enzyme production is if you lack enzymes.

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