ONLY 1 CELERY STEM IN FASTING-YOU WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS-What is it for Benefits and Contraindications

ONLY 1 CELERY STEM IN FASTING-YOU WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS-What is it for Benefits and Contraindications

Introduction Of ONLY 1 CELERY STEM IN FASTING YOU WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS What is it for Benefits and Contraindications

ONLY 1 CELERY STEM IN FASTING YOU WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS What is it for Benefits and Contraindications. I eat and that it is a true rake for the body tracks all toxins slowly but he will surely take out all that crap if you want toxins rubbish antibiotics all that we can accumulate in our body from harmful the celery is stirring it, it is taking it out, it is removing it, it is purifying there people who have improved from liver skin problems intestines kidneys feet swelling is a thousand and one conditions with only consuming celery so a single stalk of celery daily is they are going to buy you are the magolium of celery the celery plant and that is going to have probably 10 or 20 years and those stems will last you 10 or 20 days depending on.

How many stems you have so very economical very effective

How many stems you have so very economical very effective and somewhat that all of you can use including me that every day for the morning we are missing my celery stalks with which I chew and start my day here I have an interesting question that just happened to me let’s go answering that question and we are going to go with the benefits that question does when the wind and mary lose ask me the doctor will it be that he does the same effect take what in green juice than take it as a broth very good question dear wind and when I take a vegetable any vegetable that is either of celery carrot or any other as a broth as a boil going through boil it I am disintegrating many many factors that has the vegetable enzymes vitamins certain phytonutrients.

I am them degrading because as I do with the egg for example when I heat it and it changes color the same thing happens with celery or with any vegetable I degraded proteins degraded vitamins degraded all phytonutrients that I can take advantage of them and it is not good to do so if you want to improve your health and stay stable so if you can juice it there is no problem if you can take it as a chewed celery stalk even better because still so it has more fiber even that you can take good advantage of second benefit celery. After all, it is important to eat celery on an empty stomach every day and It naturally turns out that celery and that is a discovery thanks to god we have done it here in the channel with patients reduces joint pain if you have diabetes worse said arthritis if you have arthritis and they hurt joints like celery stop eating red meat stop eating food inflammatory like milk lactose wheat and eat celery the celery will clean the blood will remove.


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The intoxication the inflammation and it will be with you even urine in the prostate will improve inflammation for men so that it can be urinate more easily yes than celery every day joint pain celery weight loss celery cleansing the body celery all that celery do not forget the celery prop I a day that I have a question from people What have you just done to me? Let’s answer it, tell me here Janeth pérez tells me doctor side effects was that it lowers the pressure Dear Janet, They May Lower The Pressure For The Third Benefit I will reveal today in this video it turns out that celery can change our alkalinity that is changing our alkalinity in the body in the blood and Instead of our body is acidic, it just makes it alkaline and that’s why is that the parasympathetic nervous system can be activated.

We helps to go to the bathroom to clean ourselves

That relaxes us that lowers blood pressure that helps us urinate every day that we helps to go to the bathroom to clean ourselves that helps the body to maintain itself healthy so there you go dear Janet can you lower the pressure yeah can lower it not as effective as garlic not as effective as diuretics to horsetail and parsley but you can lower it so very important third fourth benefit of celery that you have to take into account and is a benefit that we all need listen well all of us because the real health problem we have today is not the virus, it is the number of people who are suffering from insulin or resistance to insulin diabetes problems metabolism sugar problems that we we get fat that we get fat myself I’m a little chubby like that say I would have to go to the gym stop eating sugar and on top eat celery a celery stalk a day will lower sugar will improve resistance to insulin will improve my metabolism and yours and it will be with you to improve your health not only in three with respect to diabetes. Read More ONLY 1 CELERY STEM IN FASTING YOU WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS What is it for Benefits and Contraindications.

But with all the body with sight with ear with dizziness with memory with liver with the stomach with accumulation to weight loss and much much more here I have an interesting question that they just asked me, we are going to reveal that question let’s ask what to answer nélida rivero asks me the doctor will I have to peel it or directly remove the threads dear of life there is no need to get anything out of it, neither the threads nor Lopez or anything he washes it clean and eats it as it is, he simply chews it up and swallows nothing more Manuel tells me here Johana Babilonia me question.

What refers to the list with short

I have been told that it cuts the sight will be true I do not know what refers to the list with short I am afraid to consume it I wanted to help that It is not true if you mean cutting your sight for losing your sight that It is a totally emphatic lie, do not worry about that, it is more consuming than for regaining sight has absolutely nothing to do with it and is better Still if you eat celery I have fabulous eyesight and I have been eating celery for a long time is more something racing on the highway in the road with the person who accompanies me with what does he say there far away I tell him and it is always something gaining just by consuming celery so coco take celery to eat that everything you want will be very very good perfect number 5 or number 6 I already lost count sixth benefit of celery here I have it, note differently, acid accumulation is excellent for gout uric acid in our blood uric acid is one of the first factors.

That Doctors will check when you go when they will check all your analysis is one of the first factors to see if you are accumulating things harmful substances in your blood to see if your kidneys are working and if you eat celery be sure I assure you I give you my word ‘you will not have uric acid accumulation will not have accumulation of debris or districts not you will have accumulation of toxic toxic substances that are found or that can retain the kidneys because because the kidney can be cleaned with celery helps gout lose uric acid cleanses the kidneys cleanses the toxins and you avoid problems of joint pain inflammations uric and mille acid problems and other problems you may have at daily so walk every day and quickly the last benefits we go to take advantage quickly.

Because there are many and if not I will not finish more help to lose weight we already said it more or less so it can help detoxify the liver that I have not mentioned but it is important to improve the health of the skin to have it written down prevents psoriasis that psoriasis if you have a night itch itches the body on the feet in the hands in parts of the body that you do not understand why they have them.

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