NEVER SMELL THIS-The Consequences of Smoking and Smelling Another’s Cigar-DON’T BE A PASSIVE SMOKER

NEVER SMELL THIS-The Consequences of Smoking and Smelling Another’s Cigar-DON’T BE A PASSIVE SMOKER

Introduction Of NEVER SMELL THIS The Consequences of Smoking and Smelling Another’s Cigar DON’T BE A PASSIVE SMOKER

NEVER SMELL THIS The Consequences of Smoking and Smelling Another’s Cigar DON’T BE A PASSIVE SMOKER. Who is with the cigar to stop smoking there is nothing else annoying that one tries to have a good night or nice sunset and smell like an individual next to one who is smoking a cigarette than one in he doesn’t want to smell so in the video he mentions what the more serious health consequences you have from reading any cigarette smoke and how to be able to defend yourself and take care of your health naturally and effectively before to continue, do not forget to like the video and change that white finger to one black cost absolutely nothing it’s free and the only thing you need do is extend your finger, squeeze that little finger with your thumb that is on your screen and with that.

We can continue number one damages your teeth

We can continue number one damages your teeth the smoke that we can inhale either by smoking a cigarette or even by being in the side of a person who is producing it is incredibly harmful you may have seen markets those cigarette packs that occasionally appear with completely yellowish teeth and deteriorated that smoke that has certain toxic ingredients turns the skin and teeth onto everything that is clothing, causing them to change color and become an unpleasant color certainly you have seen a person who smokes a cigar have teeth that are truly very sad to observe teeth that have no color that is yellow and can naturally create many more cavities than normal by a problem with a cigarette and smoke that you are inhaling yourself do not forget.


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That smoke can enter through the nose or the mouth depending on the habit that you have to inhale in any way either through the mouth the nose both are connected and that of Either way that smoke is going to affect you so be careful take distance stay away from cigarette smoke and don’t be a passive smoker try to be careful your health even in the teeth because the whole process begins from it number 2 destroys your circulation one of the most serious affectations in people who smoke is precisely the damage to the circulation and do not think that For you, being a person who does not smoke that smoke from the one next to you does not comes to affect we forget that the smoke we are breathing passes through the inhalation routes reaches the lung and immediately joins.

The smoke that you see circulating

The blood to reach every tissue of the human body the smoke that you see circulating through the room will enter the lung it will reach the circulation and make sure you have to circulate through absolutely every one of the cells that you have in your body that is why scientific studies have shown that people who are passive smokers or maybe they smoke cigarettes daily tend to have a completely impaired circulation tend to have heart problems circulation of the extremities problems that will even lead to then other conditions such as varicose veins neuropathies and worsen even if you have other health conditions such as diabetes or hypertension so be very careful the circulation is precious the better your circulatory health will be your neuronal activity your memory your sensitivity and Milly one or another condition that we need to be able to survive if you need a quality supplement to improve your circulation and ensure. Read More NEVER SMELL THIS The Consequences of Smoking and Smelling Another’s Cigar DON’T BE A PASSIVE SMOKER.

That it remains 100% healthy look for the 20 and the meta fire define doctor landívar dotcom number 3 your skin is in de gs one of the things that all of us we have seen in individuals who smoke but few of us have realized that can affect us is the aging of the skin but also have skin that normally appears pale with very little life and even practically without any color that lack of shine is due to a lack of vitamin c that precisely the cigarette smoke arrives and destroys all antioxidants that give us a shine and health to the skin and many times there is no return if you live with a person who smokes is a secondhand smoker occasionally you breathe in secondhand smoke someone who is with a cigarette assumes that the circulation that is working it will reach the skin with the smoke to damage the vitamin c it will kill antioxidants and your skin will gradually start to lose the shine you wanted.

So much if that is the case stay away from the person who smokes ask him to stop smoking avoid contact with the cigarette and above all do not inhale it do your best to get away from any type of smoke that can end up damaging the skin and forming wrinkles aging all that says about collagen elastin and everything beautiful about your skin if I need a quality supplement to prevent that from happening and find that your 100% truly healthy skin with the glow you want look for the bright caps the ultra semi and the kingdom is that in the file and end doctor landívar dotcom number 4 decreases fertility libido and your hormones one of the most important factors for all of us we can enjoy good health are our hormones play a role in practically every one of our cells in the body from our liver through our brain and our reproductive organs if the cigarette enters it kills those cells or in any way damages that chain precious amount of hormones.

We are going to start experiencing a lack of libido fertility

That we need to survive we are going to start experiencing a lack of libido fertility and hormonal destruction if this, in the long run, is established as a custom either by inhaling the cigar or by smoking it aggressively because obviously little by little we are going to lose the natural order of things and conditions of health you do not want be careful with hormonal change hormones are truly a pillar of our health without which not even women, not even men can live because it depends on it that many organs in our body can function if it needs a quality supplement to make the hormones activate whether I am a man or woman if it is a woman look for the same I quote the defile and if it is a man it weakens it to increase libido and all the function you need.

When call number 5 respiratory diseases, if you spoke to someone two years ago about respiratory diseases probably not many people, were interested in our nose bronchi lungs are a very important part of our day-to-day people hold their noses to avoid any ingredient viruses bacteria or parasites that can enter directly infect us and cause serious problem health now curiously if you live next to the person who is smoking you are a passive trainer you are even someone who smokes a cigarette without control take into account that the first that is going to damage is precisely the respiratory tract do not forget that this smoke It is composed of toxic particles that ignite in everything that is the airway from the nose to the lung that begin to blacken and accumulate in a truly uncontrollable way much more than air that we are breathing because in the air at least there is not the number of toxins that we can concentrate in a smoke.

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