Milk Destroys You And You Don’t Know It – Symptoms Of Lactose Intolerance

Milk Destroys You And You Don’t Know It –  Symptoms Of Lactose Intolerance

Introduction Of Milk Destroys You And You Don’t Know It – Symptoms Of Lactose Intolerance

Milk Destroys You And You Don’t Know It – Symptoms Of Lactose Intolerance. some of you know what is the main cause of allergies or food intolerances nowadays milk in other words intolerance lactose this is a health problem that affects not millions but billions of people around the world just to get an idea the us department of health and human services calculates that 65 percent of the entire world’s population has problems digest milk if we think about it that is almost 70% of the population and the worst everything is that we continue to buy and take home all kinds of products dairy products that are damaging our health without us noticing milk cheese frozen yogurt.

This topic there is a big difference between being intolerant to a portion of food and an allergy

The famous food intolerance lactose is one of the most annoying that cause damage to our system instead of an exaggerated reaction for example that may exist with an allergy milk cheese ice cream etc. are all products that contain lactose and that all of these can cause dozens of different signs and symptoms of intolerance in the human body and that many times you don’t even notice them some of the worst may be the swelling of stomach gas production diarrhea and many times symptoms. Read More Milk Destroys You And You Don’t Know It – Symptoms Of Lactose Intolerance.

That you do not you even realize it so that in the article you will see five of the signs and symptoms

That indicates that milk and its derivatives are causing harm to your health and what to replace them with to stay healthy naturally and effective number 1 stomach pain and bloating stomach pain and swelling are very common symptoms of lactose intolerance both in children as average adults when the body is unable to break down the lactose or any substance that passes through the intestines and into the colon once it reaches that place lactose begins to ferment pse and the bacteria inside begin to form gas resulting in bloating fermentation, in this case, causes the release of chain fatty acids cuts as well as gases from hydrogen methane carbon dioxide and much more now, unfortunately.

This is where gases are produced and stomach aches and cramps also begin to cause the amount of swelling or pain

You may experience is closely related to with the amount of lactose that you are also investing, you may add ice cream I don’t know any other lactose dairy product you may have in your home so keep that in mind if you are eating or drinking lactose-containing products and you experience swelling and pain from stomach you may be suffering from lactose intolerance if you need a good quality supplement that can help you improve your digestion of milk cheese yogurt although obviously, it is better not to consume it if you have problems with them look for the day in science and the file link itself at doctor landívar dotcom number 2 diarrhea let’s think about.


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This for a moment diarrhea usually occurs when the human body sees the need to expel any substance that is causing you to harm in this case

The toxin a bacteria or whatever lactose intolerance causes diarrhea precisely because the volume of water in our colon increases it increases intending to be able to eliminate as soon as possible this curiously usually happens more in children than adults but still at any age can be experienced see what happens is that the microflora that is contained in our stomach fermented to act if the short-chain fatty acids in this food-producing gases what remains of this poor digestion increases the amount of water into the intestine over the entire colon and then obviously causes the diarrhea in most cases only 45 grams of any type of carbohydrate-containing lactose can cause diarrhea and sometimes even less there are people who with a simple teaspoon of milk already start to go to the bathroom now obviously if you have diarrhea it is probably a Lactose intolerance can sometimes be caused by a bad diet or poor absorption of medications also infections or diseases also.

That can cause diarrhea problems in the intestine in any case it definitely needs to be investigated if you have problems with milk do not consume it

Number 3 skin conditions to you you would be surprised how many skin problems appear as a result of lactose intolerance many studies support and have seen that there are a link for example between acne and dairy consumption not to mention also eczema allergies on the skin and everything else and personally I have seen how many patients of mine have eliminated skin problems simply by leaving the dairy to leave the milk the cheese the yogurt and all those products we need to understand that most skin conditions start in our digestive system and our immune system if we can change our diet we will eliminate all the problems that we may have indigestion and obviously later on the skin and I will say more.

I think any skin condition that should be investigated on the stomach should be eliminated lactose products

The human body needs a specific enzyme to be able to digest the dairy products called lactase most of us stop producing that enzyme after 4 years of age and here the problems begin although being believed by most people who today are intolerant lactose is precise because they do not have the ability to produce that enzyme called lactase that digests milk, frozen cheese, etc. if we had lactase in our body, the number of gases we can have in it and obviously the only solution to this problem is to have the enzyme to be able to digest lactose now obviously some supplements can be taken to improve our digestion of dairy products digestive enzymes for example that improve our lactose digestion I suggest you look for a good digestive enzyme formula that you can use not only to digest lactose.

But also to avoid an excessive production of gases that can occur when you eat food and not can digest if you need a good quality formula for

This purpose and for many others look for the one of James the file and in doctor landívar dotcom number 5 headaches and constipation oddly enough no it is rare to suffer from headaches or constipation when there is a lactose intolerance, constipation, for example, is characterized obviously from the formation of infrequent hard stools a sensation of incomplete bowel movements upset stomach bloating straining excessive and many even hemorrhoids all of these can be a sign of lactose intolerance especially if you have a problem for the digestion of certain proteins now.

What is more common and accompanied by constipation is often headache patients suffering from lactose

Intolerance can often feel pain upside down because the food you are eating cannot be digested had extreme care for a headache usually indicates that something in the digestive system in the liver especially in the kidneys is not working well, I always tell my patients that it is better to avoid food that can cause a problem either milk, ice cream cheese, etc. or the nuts many times while more foods that can cause problems you avoid better health you will have because obviously better you will be digestion.

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