How To Make The Perfect Juice And Avoid Diseases

How To Make The Perfect Juice And Avoid Diseases

Introduction Of How To Make The Perfect Juice And Avoid Diseases

How To Make The Perfect Juice And Avoid Diseases. Today we are going to learn many things about medicine natural because there are many people I do not say that they are thousands of hundred surely enough that make their juice look the wrong way and that many times it can do them more harm than good so today we are going to reveal.

How to make a green juice how you have to add the ingredients

How to make a green juice how you have to add the ingredients how it should be prepared when it should be taken and how it can take advantage so today to attend and realize What they can do is press a button below the screen that says join or join to be part of this beautiful community and in addition to leaving your question as soon as or later so that I can answer everything you can.

So a big hello to all a big hug here to Marta Libya Whitney see virus always presented happy to be him, Soraya Soto maría Teresa Romero yen and vázquez the already thousand drop and there is Jessica Barrón from Bolivia takes me out of Bolivia Peña Alejandra in media from Spain from Belgium Honduras here he tells me Luis Fernando serrano from Guatemala texas Venezuela Oaxaca Mexico California bolivia la Paz tells me that Katy Jurado They greet me from Italy from Germany France Spain a big hug and a big Greetings to all do not forget that you can leave your question and we can answer it right now so let’s start how to make a juice green because.

I have listened and many people tell me, doctor, I do the best green juice in the world I add all the ingredients that I have in my refrigerator and it is a juice that many times is even hard for me to drink but it is a juice fabulously healthy and I tell myself well who adds no I put lettuce carrot cabbage chard spinach and put a little dt Rabah eggplant beet green beans and I don’t know which one but it’s crazy because it has so many ingredients, in the end, the body does not know what to do with them.

So how do you make green juice first point you have to know to make a green juice that works can not have more of three ingredients because but doctor if we can add more ingredients to the green juice yes of course you can but if you want green juice to have an effect and do your job you have to add enough to it so that the body can use it now if I add a little bit of an ingredient another little bit of the other and the other of the other when the time comes to that the body can take advantage of it will not be more than a salad.

A plate of food with a little green Rabah a little beet or a little carrot a little green bean

A plate of food with a little green Rabah a little beet or a little carrot a little green bean at the end of the day is the same then what you have to to do is extract as much of an ingredient or two ingredients as possible and at most three so that the size of each ingredient can truly make the body have and can work otherwise it will not do any good they will waste their time their money the body will not even use it can be harmful because there are so many ingredients that the body no longer you know.

What you are going to digest first or later yes you already know the first rule of how to make a green juice maximum 3 ingredients very important three ingredients do not add four do not add five do not add ten or 20 33 very important ingredients here I have another question and present what is going to happen we are going to answer that question while we are talking very funny me Question doctor is it true that making them with coconut water is healthier dear with me yes and very good point.

That you have asked me I prefer that whenever you make a green juice, always make yourself an extractor second point how to make a green game pay attention second use an extractor because the extractor is going to be with all the substance that can be used from the carrot of the lettuce of the Celia of the parsley of absolutely any ingredient and you will not they are going to add any kind of soda any kind of water coconut that will dilute the ingredient if you only make green juice for example of celery will be pure celery and will have.

The celery water will have the same substances as the skin vitamins of the python and you are not going to dilute anything with water or with coconut that you can add so when you use and make a green juice make it with an extractor remember that very important for even if it seems to lie is a very important point to make any kind of green juice very important ok here I have another interesting question that just happened to me let’s go To answer that question, Amalia Moreno tells me here and what happens with multivitamins will not be very loaded dear Amalia if curiously when you take for example a supplement for bones .

It is better to take only for the bones because it has enough to precisely that purpose if you consume a multivitamin and it has 10,000 ingredients that multivitamin is just going to help you can maintain good health now it will not work for the bones and if it works it is very little because the ingredients are at a minimum and the body will be able to take advantage of only one or another little thing to be able to take advantage of it and become truly healthy if you consume a multivitamin to prevent and so that the body little by little takes a vitamin and another that if there is no problem but it is always best.

A green juice from such was healthy and the person takes 1 2 3 20 50 green juices

If you have a health condition dedicate yourself to that health condition and resolve it to end it and do everything possible so that third point of how to make a green juice can be solved very important third point do not abuse the green juice because I say it because there are people who make a green juice and say and I heard on such a or heard from such a doctor that making a green juice from such was healthy and the person takes 1 2 3 20 50 green juices a day and the body no longer knows what it will because imagine you are not eating anything you are with green juice pointed out green juice the poor body and the body is working to the maximum with that green juice and it turns out that ends up.

Causing him to harm instead of helping me personally always recommend that my patients do not drink more than two green juices a day, one in the tomorrow and another in the afternoon if you want so that the body can eat during the day and can take advantage of ingredients that are not going to having more than three in each green juice will provide to take advantage of and do good to the health there are people for example that I have heard doctor take three or four or five or ten times a day and I’m tired I’m out of strength are consuming more potassium than magnesium from vitamins b and the body is that it no longer has the strength to function.

So if they are going to take advantage of what is well done remember no more than twice a day here I have another interesting question that just happened to me, let’s answer me says shadow Freddy asks me the doctor is it true that they should be taken on an empty stomach or It can be at any time dear ado, look at the fasting or any time will depend on the type of green juice you are using for example if you are going to use a green juice with a breakfast simply they can take it as a fast then, for example, they can make a green juice a diabetic can make a green apple juice green with celery fabulous goes Lowering.

The sugar will give you energy and will have you ready for everything throughout tomorrow a person who does not have diabetes but wants to be with a little protein in the stomach will be a green juice of celery green apple and the bird then the oatmeal will digest the sugar will go down and the celery will give the liver a detox so it can function for an entire tomorrow each green juice has its purpose remember that not all green eyes are the same each vegetable has its purpose each vegetable has its benefit each vegetable has its use and should not be abused if you don’t know how to use it, you have to know what is being used by example.

The kidney cannot evacuate the amount of potassium you need to remove

If I have kidney problems I will not make a green juice completely potassium because I am going to ruin my kidney is not going to be able to tolerate all the green that I am consuming because the kidney cannot evacuate the amount of potassium you need to remove so be careful and they know well that they are using what are the ingredients so that I want it my green juice will be for the liver it will be for the stomach it will be for gastritis it will be for the colon it will be for going to the bathroom it will be for the memory it will be for the inflammation for joint pain for bones each green juice has its.

The purpose of remembering is not just to grab and put any ingredient and forgetting that each ingredient has its very very purpose very very important ok here I have another interesting question jenny vázquez asks me, doctor, I get a lot of diarrhea obviously because yes they are going to consume a lot of potassium a lot of magnesium that stomach is going to be you’re running to the bathroom. After all, it’s not green juice for you dear jenny if you have diarrhea instead of consuming it.

A green juice only of green with what oatmeal with what some fiber a little silió put me some ingredient that is a little less to go to the bathroom all that has its very important purpose ok number 4 fourth way to match green not used many vegetables or sweet juices, ok some people use, for example, only carrots, it is fine from time to time when especially if you do not have diabetes now if you consume everyday carrot will reach a point where the body will become saturated with sugar because the super sweet carrots the same the fruits if they are going to be a juice with super sweet red apple it is better to eat the apple.