Fatty Liver Toxins Cirrhosis and More

Fatty Liver Toxins Cirrhosis and More

Introduction Of Fatty Liver Toxins Cirrhosis and More

Fatty Liver Toxins Cirrhosis and More. I have to do so that my liver is renewed gentlemen and Ladies I have told you over and over and over and over again and I say it again now no consume the amount of sugar that they are used to consuming I do many years old I was a little more overweight a little more fat he cited I stopped consuming sugar and the liver gave me energy amazing not immediately because hunger begins to ask for sweetness begins to request anxiety the body begins to ask to be able to regain strength instead of the liver burn the fat that is already inside people think that the liver fatty is synonymous with fatty food and that is not true fatty food will reduce fatty liver which forms got fat in your body in your liver and the liver of 95% of people.

We are consuming nowadays in the sodas in the sodas

That live on this planet is sugar the amount of sugar we are consuming nowadays in the sodas in the sodas that we prepare supposedly with natural juices from supplements that we can take even from Bottled canned packaged foods that come with sugar go into a supermarket see the amount of food look at the sign that there it says all the ingredients that they will have now it contains sugar being that many times it is not even necessary to put sugar and they put sugar in it because people are addicted to it so do a sugar detox gradually decreases the amount of sugar you are consumed every day and forces your liver to start burning the fat that got in it if you don’t do that there is no way listen well there is no way that.


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The liver can be as new first and the first step for you to achieve this is to decrease the sugar to the minimum if they are going to prepare lemonade with the minimum of sugar simply to give a little flavor so that it is not just water with lemon if they want if they are going to prepare a soft drink fruit juice is not necessary if they already have sugar so very very important pay attention sugar first and then the rest that I will continue to reveal that I have an Interesting question that they just asked me I’m going to answer they tell me Whitney see virus has asked me a lot about this doctor good afternoon greetings from the Dominican Republic Dominican it will be that I can mix this juice with the juice of lemon other vegetables dear whitmill no problem you can mix the lemon with almost any vegetable.

That will not stop being beneficial for even improve the health of your liver so don’t worry take them any way you want to mix what you really say the second thing they have to do to make their liver look like new is renewed by completely consume fat I know that many times we can think no doctor but I need to remove the fatty liver from or the fat from my fatty liver wants to eat healthy fat now is not that rotten fat that one can buy many times hydrogenated fat that comes many times as sunflower oil canola oil cottonseed oil soybean oil which is the worst of all stay away from hydrogenated oils.

The fact that the body can burn quickly speed up the metabolism

They are not the oils or fats that you have to consume when I say healthy fat I mean the fact that the body can burn quickly speed up the metabolism and instead of you are consuming carbohydrates either bread sugar harmful foods are using fat healthy as an energy source and forcing the liver to burn its fat by at the same time you cannot leave the body without energy and one of the most important to make the liver renew itself is healthy fat now they will ask what fat doctor good coconut oil is the first if they want to fry something if they want to prepare something at home a salad use oil coconut oil use coconut oil because coconut oil will make you lose weight instead of gaining weight or filling them with fat very very important excellently important central.

If you want to improve it as you want it so second point healthy fat coconut oil flaxseed olive oil avocado oil healthier who can find the second question every edit jones me ask to doctor good afternoon greetings from arequipa peru the pangs in the liver will it mean something thanks for your reply if you have stitches in the liver that is everything is linked to the re his right hand now He carries himself in his hand towards the last rib that they have on the right side right there is the liver in that place and there it can appear pulsed from time to time when pain may appear problems that radiate may appear even up to the shoulder if that happens there are problems with the liver or there is liver fatty or there are stones in the gallbladder or the bile cannot come out etc. but it You have to do this that I am naming in this video, do it, listen to me because This allows them to extend their life and it will improve their lifestyle much more? then you imagine, let’s hurry, he just got.

They quickly stop eating carbohydrates

They quickly stop eating carbohydrates that become Wheat sugar minimizing does not It is necessary to consume so much wheat so much rice so much potato so much cassava so much whatever that has carbohydrates is not necessary many times we can consume one healthy protein a fish a chicken or maybe even beans whatever have protein and not consume so many carbohydrates that it becomes sugar and then it turns into fat number 4 fast so it doesn’t run out the time here 4 exercises I know you don’t like to listen to the doctor Don Landívar always says exercise exercise exercise but let’s imagine a minute the following if I decrease the sugar in my food I increase the fat that I have to eat healthily and at the same time reduce carbohydrates and I exercise, I’m going to stay practically done.

I imagine a figure or I am going to lose weight I am going to see myself truly healthy with non-greasy, stretched skin without build-up of fat I will be able to lose weight but at the same time that is a symbol and sign that my liver is renewed because I am exercising by burning the fat that the liver has accumulated and at the same time my side is working to make the body go down from weight improve my insulin resistance and Milly other things that right now we have time to finish talking about them so I’m going to use which is the tool that I am going to use to give and place the cherry to this recipe that I can do I am going to make myself every day or is it going to do not we are going to make every day a powerful juice that first one vegetable that is bitter in this case.

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