Eliminate your fungi How to clean and detoxify the fungal body forever

Eliminate your fungi How to clean and detoxify the fungal body forever

Introduction Of Eliminate your fungi How to clean and detoxify the fungal body forever

Eliminate your fungi How to clean and detoxify the fungal body forever. We have in the digestive system the hands the feet or sen and such and the ear the nose etcetera protects us is not more than everything covers in the area that we can have in our body that the specific candida fungus is not can multiply they corral it bacteria corral it and do not allow it that this fungus can multiply or grow now when.

I use an antibiotic maybe for a urinary infection

I use an antibiotic maybe for a urinary infection or a skin problem may be like acne that is often even over-prescribed absurdly and that my opinion is often not even necessary when using antibiotics improperly starts candida problem so dear Marilena the first thing you should do to be able to control your fungus or your bacteria is controlling the probiotics you have in your body if you have the probiotics the bacteria in order the candida will be able to monitor yourself how you do that if you have a digestive candida problem all oral probiotic mention if you have an internal candida problem either in its parts with what is a probiotic internally in a problem due to candida may be in the ear in the mouth etc. all mention probiotic to be able to help the body to always improve.

The Probiotics are the first key and without which candida will not be able to advance so very very important here I have another question and the people who asked me a good past video tells me Alberto gonzález asks me the doctor is it true that you can’t eat certain fruits that are sweet when you have candida Dear Alberto, it is true that candida multiplies and even triggers when it is sweet I have had patients especially women who suffer from a candidiasis and that curiously when they eat some candy when they eat some problem when you eat any fruit something that is a little more content glucose normally that causes them an explosion of this fungus as well that if you have problems with this fungus I tried to limit yourself with the very sweet foods.


Detoxifies your body of sugar how to remove accumulated sugar and clean the body

I tried to limit myself with sugar with fruits very sweet wheat that quickly turns into sugar glucose in the body and with all those foods that can feed the fungus so you know the first point the probiotics second the sugar decrease sugar very very important and here I have another question is in they just happened says maría gutiérrez that they asked me in another video husband Do you wonder doctor I get fat much later I got fat long after being cured of candida I don’t know what to do doctor it seems that something changed in my body and I need help, dear Maria, it’s true.

Our digestive system has to have bacteria and fungi

I don’t know to forget that our digestive system has to have bacteria and fungi in order if you kill the bacteria that helps keep it healthy that helps balance the fungus is going to reproduce that in the long run can cause a weight gain problem I know people who when they change their probiotic flora I have even seen patients who have problems, for example, they take away say so to speak and they begin to lose weight or gain it due to a problem of change of intestinal flora when flora including candida changes everything in the body changes defenses metabolism digestion absorption of nutrients gases etcetera etcetera etcetera so very very important you must consider.

That your probiotic flora your candida plays an important role in your metabolism and that without it or with an imbalance of it it is going to see very important affected here I have another lost interest before they happened to me another video estefanía de Mendoza asks doctor I have candida under my breasts, how can I eliminate it with medicine natural please I ask you to help me dear estefanía one of the most important ingredients you can use for the candidate is in the skin or even internally if you want to place it when there is a problem of candida infection or taking it is coconut oil contains a substance called lauric acid lauric acid it is antifungal it kills the fungi it kills and makes it then disappear and the person. Read More Eliminate your fungi How to clean and detoxify the fungal body forever.

Who takes it for example an oral spoon for the digestive system or put it under the breasts to fight candida or even have it placed internally overcomes that problem so do it every day for more or less six months for that to disappear and even better if it is achieved a supplement such as candy sense defines the candy is being specifically designed to improve candida and even better if you consume it with the pro billion el pro bilin is a probiotic to take care of covering all that area where the candida reproduces and does not cause that problem here I have another question that They passed, says Camila Becerra, asks him, doctor, I would like to know the difference. between a genital candida and another infection very well dear Camila that is actually, I think the question would be.

I have one genital yeast infection

How do I know if I have one genital yeast infection I think that is the true question Camila so let’s see how you can tell if you have a white flow and that flow appears especially when there is going to be a hormonal change perhaps before the rule or after rule and that flow appears it is very likely that you have candida number two if you probably feel discontent when you have the sex you may have candida and number 3 if your partner after a relationship it itches in the part of the glans and small spots appear red after having a relationship with you then probably that too person just got candida and you may have it so those are three very important symptoms beings that are worth knowing and the last one that I was forgetting in some people can give them a slight headache.

That won’t go away that doesn’t go away and the person never understands why because his head hurts it wouldn’t hurt if he wouldn’t have to be there there is the problem that can be a candida here I have another question he tells me Carmen Barrier asked me in another video Doctor tells me I take antibiotics It may be that it can cause this problem I have heard that and I am afraid to take them dear carmen if you do not forget that probiotics or bacteria that we have in our system in our body cover the entire area of ​​our skin our ear our digestive system mouth etc. when they are taken antibiotics not probiotics but antibiotics is anti killing are being killing all bacteria and once the ground is clean there the candida harnesses.

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