Don’t Eat Potassium-If You Have These Diseases

Don’t Eat Potassium-If You Have These Diseases

Introduction Of Don’t Eat Potassium If You Have These Diseases

Don’t Eat Potassium If You Have These Diseases Due To Excess Potassium In The Body And How To Reverse It.  Why do you take potassium? They tell me simply Its good and I’m taking it to see but because it takes it, it’s not that it’s not in you what you tell me about health problems is hurting you. precisely causing potassium because to use a mineral either calcium magnesium and potassium any mineral and any vitamin one lo have to need if you don’t need it don’t take it the body needs of a balance to be able to function if I have a lot of potassium I will have problems if I have too much magnesium I will have problems if I drink too much water.

The body then sick and no one knows

I’m going to have problems because the body can’t balance something they have an imbalance in body if I continued giving and continued giving I continue to give and the problem continues to accumulate and the body then sick and no one knows why because the person was taking something it was not doing well so when you should not consume potassium number one if you feel tired you have no courage you have no strength don’t feel like going out to work even.


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If you’re depressed don’t take potassium but doctor because potassium is so good simply because the potassium will activate the parasympathetic nervous system the nervous system of the relaxation of the tranquility of the sleep of the laziness of being all day sitting in bed lying down sleeping and if you are tired and take potassium on top of something that is already having that is going to happen is going to be worse it is going to be more tired more exhausted less weak with even depression some people give depression from taking potassium so if you don’t need it don’t take.

The kidneys counted consuming potassium

I do hemodialysis and I have the functionality of the 20% kidney is harmful potassium dear glory well I wonder second way and the second way in which you can damage the kidneys counted consuming potassium is when there are kidney problems if you have diabetes high pressure and that diabetes and that high pressure damaged your kidneys do not consume potassium because potassium is one of the more accumulative minerals in the body and if the kidney cannot urinate cannot avoid it cannot be flushed from the body you are giving it to the body more potassium and more potassium and more potassium and is accumulating its body of a mineral.

That is incredibly dangerous if Mr. you can urinate it so if you have kidney problems remember do not consume potassium do not eat bananas do not eat avocados and avocado as they say In Mexico and South America, avocado does not eat that fruit because those fruits they contain a lot of potassium and they will damage your kidneys, there are people who tell me also doctor I drink five green juices a day took ten green ones a day and I’m healthy and I hate careful care because that amount of potassium and amount of magnesium when drinking green juices can cause problems se is accumulating potassium is accumulating magnesium and at the end of accounts.

You are causing an imbalance instead of having the body balanced health is in balance there must be enough magnesium but not excessively there must be enough potassium but not excessively there must be enough water but not if I abuse any mineral whatsoever liquid becomes toxic I know people who have died from taking so much water there are people who give it to drink water and that water is healthy and drink he drinks water and ends up in the hospital.

I exaggerate in the minerals and the waters and everything

Because his blood is more water than potassium magnesium calcium and all the minerals or glucose you have to have so Be careful with what it does, I exaggerate in the minerals and the waters and everything that they are taking very important here I have another question and BCD that neither I’m going to answer here he tells me he left this Humberto asks me doctor I consume Potassium for high blood pressure is that well dear I leave it very well that yes it works now be careful not to be so much potassium that it will also damage blood pressure and then we are in an arrhythmia because it will cause third arrhythmia poor indication of potassium yes.

You have a heart problem arrhythmia you do not have a good heartbeat you have a weak heart that does not beat well it does not tighten perhaps it has an enlarged heart such maybe he has Chagas or maybe he even has a big heart not because his heart it is loving but because the heart is sick then do not consume potassium what it happens to the heart when one consumes potassium when there is a lot of potassium in the blood the heart gets weaker it gets less force and when there is too much potassium start arrhythmias heart has trouble working and you cannot beat and then the problems begin do not take potassium if you have heart problems remember.

That if you have high blood pressure you can use potassium will lower your pressure but diet is better than that fruit and vegetables and lots of stretching 15 minutes of stretching every day in the grass and you are going to see how that pressure is going to go decreasing little by little so very very careful fourth way or fourth way or fourth moment when you can’t consume potassium be careful with potassium if you have weakness muscular you are already with low pressure you are already a little older you do not have the strength you had before do not consume potassium because if you consume potassium the pressure.

The muscles that were already weak will weaken even more

That was low will lower even more the muscles that were already weak they will weaken even more when potassium is lacking in the muscle gets hard the cramp when there is not much potassium the muscle becomes weak so when there is muscle weakness lack of strength again tiredness depression and everything that has to do with laziness no consume potassium remember that always here the Mariana asks me doctor if I have constipation, I can consume it, dear here, Mariana cannot consume because actually potassium already if you consume it in fruits and vegetables will be enough for you to go to the bathroom which.

I suggest you can consume is something like final magnesium that can find doctor landívar dotcom magnesium is going to help you to be able to go to the bathroom every day to be able to relax to be able be quieter but potassium is not necessary potassium is a mineral that you they have to understand that it is very important for the heartbeat is very important for pressure and very important for muscles if I do it I overload my body with potassium and give my body too much potassium. create a problem at the nervous circulatory level at the sleep level at the level of muscular and everything that you imagine even at the brain level like this that potassium.