Introduction Of DO NOT BATHE WITH HOT WATER Benefits of a Daily Cold Water Bath BATHE WITH COLD WATER

DO NOT BATHE WITH HOT WATER Benefits of a Daily Cold Water Bath BATHE WITH COLD WATER. Coldwater improves our circulation in the countries Nordic especially in the North Pole there is a traditional custom of the peoples Nordic just to bathe in cold water just when winter comes around unbelievable this habit is quite healthy because it does something specific with our circulation of being able to stay healthy see when we come into contact with cold water, our blood vessels or be it our veins in our extremities, be it our skin, our hands, our feet especially what the external part of our body says is closed by complete that activity of closing and then reopening when finished the bath is an exercise that we need so that our circulation can stay healthy that is why many doctors will tell you that one of the main things to be able to keep the circulation in order is the exercise does basically.

The dimension of the blood vessels by opening and closing

The same thing but less effective because it changes the dimension of the blood vessels by opening and closing the an as we move the body so that the next time we If you think about taking a hot bath, keep in mind that taking a cold water bath can be very beneficial to your health specifically in what it says regarding your circulation if you need a quality supplement to improve circulation and ensure that everything What does it say about the blood supply to your feet, hands, and skin? can keep healthy look for the rhein flow the on cardio and the hard excel of file and end doctor landívar dotcom number 2 oxygenates our brain and improves our memory one of the most important things that happen when we bathe with cold water is precisely the blood supply in parts.


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Where the body normally needs them when we and we water our skin with cold water those blood vessels that I just explained are closes and that blood that normally should be on the outside of our body begins to circulate in the most internal places to maintain that heat the body immediately closes all the limbs to stay and maintain the heat that we have internally in our organism and one of the places where the circulation through which it is protected precisely by the skull is our brain the people who bathe with cold water have been seen to have even better memory have better cerebral circulation better memory due to irrigation and better functionality nervous precisely because of the simple factor of bathing with cold water I bathe every day without fail with cold water and I can say that even during the winter.

I do not regret if at some point you need a quality supplement to improve blood flow and especially the memory in the brain bus that the meta fiver of the end of the doctor Vandiver dotcom improve thyroid hormones will improve the blood circulation in the brain and also improve the supplementation of iodine which are the hormones that load the mineral to improve the functionality of our brain number 3 helps us lose weight believe it or not after a good cold bath our body begins to burn calories, sugar, cholesterol, and all kinds of ingredients that accumulated can cause damage to create heat once our body is cold the body does everything possible to be able to burn its energy needed to regain.

The limbs the arms the hands the legs need heat

The warmth and warmth your skin needs the limbs the arms the hands the legs need heat and body uses the blood that is flowing into the body of the thorax of the brain to burn more energy and make sure that heat can be produced that process I have done 123 20 times every day and it is possible in the long run it will cause you to lose weight you will surely have noticed that many times when we enter the pool to produce heat it gives us a lot of hungry and after just getting out of it we are looking for something to eat for the simple fact of needing energy and needs our body to burn what has to keep us running and with that warmth that we need if at any time they need a quality supplement to lose weight that takes away your hunger and also improves burning metabolic.

That will be with you burning fat, cholesterol and sugar look for ficg Ryser and file appeal at doctor landívar dotcom number improves our mood and takes us out of depression curiously new scientific studies have observed how people who tend to bathe in cold water produce a normally much more pleasant mood during the day that is due to the creation of new endorphins that are neurotransmitters of pleasure that the body can produce just after a bath to be able to just balance the lack and suffering that we are going through even if you do not create by the human body is prepared to produce certain substances that give relief after suffering either by bathing with cold water the pain or maybe even probably a depression we’re going through the body is always ready to be able to balance the effects and the system nervous.

So that you can relieve yourself so that in this case bathing with cold water will give you a feeling of well-being if it is not immediate so less during the morning after bathing by allowing the body to balance number 5 and inflammation and decrease pain new scientific studies have observed how people who tend bathing with cold water are less likely to suffer from inflammation no let’s forget that inflammation just causes the vast majority of legation blood in certain parts of the body and that is precisely why you ice one knee after falling and see that knee begin to inflamed with pain bathing with cold water decreases pain and decreases also inflammation, allowing the body to regain its health precisely reduce the inflammatory factors that harm you and recover or heal as soon as possible.

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