Detoxify Your Room How To Remove Toxins From Your Bedroom And Prevent Disease

Detoxify Your Room How To Remove Toxins From Your Bedroom And Prevent Disease

Introduction Of Detoxify Your Room How To Remove Toxins From Your Bedroom And Prevent Disease

Detoxify Your Room How To Remove Toxins From Your Bedroom And Prevent Disease. We have to start detoxifying the first thing we have to do one thing to detoxify our room that we forget that our room is damp and with the dampness, they begin to fungi bacteria mites parasites appear many times even fleas that can appear if we are not entirely clean with the animals that we have in the house and many times when they sleep in bed be very careful with that, even parasites can enter through the same year if you are not careful with the health you have in the room and With that humidity that is in the room, the bacteria begin to flourish. fungi parasites now imagine if 20 30 40 years passed and that he never detoxed.

He spends 8 hours a day eating and resting with them

He never got clean well you are breathing you are living and will be practically coexisting with all those organisms all of them because he spends 8 hours a day eating and resting with them so very very careful first thing we are going to do then is open the window let the air in, let the humidity out and let the sunshine our sheets that give the sun to our bed that give the sun to our closet when was the last time you opened the closet to air the room so that toxins are released so that carbon dioxide is released carbon parasites bugs fungi bacteria all this has in the room and has not realized even worse.

Now with all that we are living with the little milestone virus that we have here for a walk, not that we are causing trouble in the whole world even worse now with that if you open the window the room enters the sun is much less the load that may be parasitic bacterial viral and any other very very important parasite here I have an interesting question that ends up to do take into account the cleaning of the room detoxification is very very important hector gonzález asks me the doctor will that you can use chlorine dear hector there is no problem as long as when the chlorine is slightly toxic obviously what do I mean that you mix it with enough water do not use too much chlorine in excess so much so that can already hurt you when you go to clean If you do not clean.


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You can use bleach but use it well diluted so that it does not cause you the damage that you want that you do not want to achieve here I have another question interesting that just happened to me let’s answer us forget to leave your questions so let’s answer them Camila Becerra asks me doctor does not say poisoning the room can cause allergies, dear Camila, of course, yes imagine to see I have a patient who had asthma that since she was a child she suffered from asthma and this girl every month ended up in the hospital that for asthma than for asthma and they caught him, they placed corticosteroids they placed anti-asthmatic allergies this completely unhealthy girl, unfortunately, her family did not know how to treat her and I told her to open the window clean the room and place yourself I cut an onion and put that onion under the bed so that girl does not find him put the onion and make sure all the bacteria all fungi all parasites are absorbed into the onion.

A lot of asthma from bacteria or from allergies

Which is antibacterial and with that you will rid a lot of asthma from bacteria or from allergies that your child’s allergies have resulted in what was the girl had a lot fewer allergies a lot fewer asthma attacks and it worked like that that if you have allergy problems in the house that is the second thing they can make a second cut so that the onion in one corner and leave it the onion all day that the onion is in charge of airing your room that obviously storage for a while but it’s going to kill bacteria will kill parasites will kill fungi will do its job as a good veggie that is truly detoxifying so use the onion whenever I can here I have another interesting question that I just got doing that is the second step to detoxify the room and ask barrón I ask the doctor why are spray air fresheners bad dear Jessica because. Read More Detoxify Your Room How To Remove Toxins From Your Bedroom And Prevent Disease.

They contain a chemical called Pepe h vph is contained in cans aluminum inside cans and it is toxic can cause brain problems can cause circulatory problems can cause problems even cancer so do not use sprays do not use are administrators is not a good idea if you want better still do the following third thing to keep the cleanroom detoxified buy yourself a plant and here is the answer to that question buy a mint or boldo plant or a plant if they want a jasmine something that can give a flavor a distinctive smell to the fourth but at the same time, I can purify we forget the air we forget that when we sleep at the door closed or window closed in the room we are breathing our carbon dioxide we are breathing at night and coming back inhale the dioxide of carbon instead of oxygen.

That, in the long run, will age us it is going to cause us problems of lack of oxygenation at night it is not going to us to allow us to clean our body as it should be and how it is solving that with plants inside the room one little plant two plants one of I love mint I have a mint plant in my room I leave it to grow and that mint plant you have very leafy and falls for all sides and when I go to sleep or when I need to refresh the room it breaks how many leaves of that plant and it is a wonder the room is spectacular clean oxygenated odor and takes care of all bad odors in the fourth disappear so second third thing they are going to do with what on a mint plant the second was bait It is cut again here I have another question they ask me and steal doctor yes.

That is full of fungus mockery

It has no windows, what can be done, dear lady stolen, I recommend you that you open a window is worth your health than a work that will probably cost you how much 200 300 dollars do you need a window you need to air out you breathe oxygen you need the sun to enter if there is not that because that is full of fungus mockery and you are going to get sick Andal and Lupita ask me how often do you recommend washing the sheets very good question this is the fourth point of cleansing and detoxification of the fourth point change your sheets I mean throw them vote them and change it if you won’t change your pillows and change your mattress every other year if you do not change your pillows, your mattress, and your bedding.

That is bedding can be washed but others cannot be practically cleaned you have accumulated all the skin the hair sweat or liquids that we can accumulate sweat fat all we have in the body accumulates on the mattress it accumulates in our ours ours as It is called a pad so if you don’t clean it you don’t change it you have to change it at least once every two years do not forget that there you are creating parasitic mites fungi are feeding on your shedding skin every day from your hair there may even be fleas because many of we even have animals in the house so be very careful here I have another interesting question, Carla pros asks me. burn incense from time to time dear Carlos no problem you can burn Incense now in science does not often have the advantage.

That a plant or many times the advantage that the onion has is very very important number 5 what else can we do to detoxify the body the fourth that is It is very important to use bicarbonate, the sodium bicarbonate will kill the bacteria will kill the fungi will detoxify the room all you want to detox cleanse kill do a cleanse even of sheets or even pillows wash them with baking soda the bicarbonate will be responsible for minimizing all those toxins that you can have neutralize them and eliminate bacteria or viruses parasites that are breathing do not forget that you are 20 years old or probably a third of your life in your room in your bedroom if your room is not clean is not sealed is not completely disinfected with oxygen with air with sunshine will suffer health problems.

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