4 Vitamins To Reverse Memory Loss REGENERATE YOUR MEMORY 100% With These 4 Vitamins

4 Vitamins To Reverse Memory Loss  REGENERATE YOUR MEMORY 100% With These 4 Vitamins

Introduction Of 4 Vitamins To Reverse Memory Loss REGENERATE YOUR MEMORY 100% With These 4 Vitamins

4 Vitamins To Reverse Memory Loss REGENERATE YOUR MEMORY 100% With These 4 Vitamins. What are the four vitamins that can not be missing 4 vitamins that will make us recover the memory that they will do with that un bill action that loss of brain activity that many times we can have when we wake up in the morning or maybe after a night of late nights or probably even the day-to-day life of many people who are complete with a little dull lucidity but they need to revive first mineral or vitamin that everyone absolutely everyone hears well everyone should consume at least once a month or twice a month if you can something that has iodine is a mineral it is a vitamin yes they want to call it that.

It is a mineral that should be part of our diet

But in reality, it is a mineral that should be part of our diet should have enough loaded in our salt, and curiously a long time ago it was decided to add the salt iodine because many people with mental problems were unable to think they lost their memory they did not grow they had heat problems from falling hair of a thousand and one other conditions in the body in the blood and curiously solved globally in quotes now let’s see why it was so, it was resolved in quotes to place iodine in the salt but unfortunately, many salt manufacturers do not add iodine, so many people you have low memory you have poor health you cannot get the heat you need needs a lot more brain activity and often feels retired like If you spend the day without a true but a true course that.

You do not know you can not think straight and completely blocked so if you have that problem start consuming iodine it will not enter the body it will enter the digestion is going to be absorbed by the stomach is going to be formed by the thyroid hormones and memory will develop some people have memory problems for many years take iodine and it runs out now curiously, there is a disease that I am going to comment on shortly, but let’s go with the question of Jessica male asks me the doctor will it be true that turmeric takes away sleep about that, let’s talk about it a little bit. much to do with the miniature and what we are going to talk about now about the memory of here a little bit I answer it, dear Jessica, curiously iodine is so important.


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So important that when a baby is born immediately the doctor the good doctor should be the heel test where it is a pinch of blood is removed from the baby’s heel which by the way the baby does not feel because the sensitivity has not yet developed. a drop of blood to see if that blood has iodine if that child has iodine and if you do not have iodine immediately you should give an injection of iodine to be able to do with that the child can develop his brain if he does not put iodine in the child the disease called cretinism has formed that word you are a has a lot to do with many times the people who do not think that is completely wavy clogged that does not know how to think that is precisely and it occurs due to a disease called cretinism that is born from the lack of iodine.

I have an allergy to vitamins

Let’s not turn our brain we need to consume me and I say it with all the letters of the word because it is so if we do not have iodine we will not have memory number 2 get a pronunciation of angelica Cabrera I says doctor I have an allergy to vitamins how can I do to improve my memory move away let’s say to solve your allergy from here to a little bit let’s talk about that precisely number 2 vitamin b and precisely what the dear lady angelica Cabrera vitamin b12 because it has become so famous vitamin b12 vitamin b12 is a vitamin that plays a role important in all cells of the body in all.

Because it forms blood if you have blood if you take vitamin b12 you will have memory because that blood is going to reach the brain to irrigate the memory nerve cells and you cannot remember things if there is no blood if there is a lack of blood and there is anemia there are vitamin problems and there is no vitamin b12 there is no complex that to regenerate nerve cells you are going to lose memory so depending on the vitamin or mineral that has to be consumed always at least once a month or if can every day consume vitamin b12 complex if they need without need it for specific special porn that has vitamin b12 and apart iodine find the multi beaming file in which it is on the page and the meta firewall that I have especially for the thyroid and the memory now because.

There are people and why it is said many times that it is necessary to consume vitamin d because normally today that vitamin is deficient there are people especially women who lose blood all the time all the months and that lack of blood makes you lack vitamin b-12 vitamin b the women tend to have a worse memory when they pass after 40 years of 35 years old precisely because of that because they lose more blood if you take in the vitamin b12 you need the complex you need those nerve cells would regenerate you would form blood and that memory problem disappears completely so if you have bad memory remember number 2 vitamin b12 or then complex see there is your answer dear angelica ask me then I have an allergy to vitamin b will that be possible if possible especially.

The vitamin b that you are taking

If it comes in a synthetic way change the vitamin b that you are taking I consume a piece of beef that has vitamin b12 or liver or even take a multivitamin that does not cause allergies to let it be organic like the multiplex cinema we are going to advance here number 3 third vitamin that you have to consume in order not to lose your memory and that it will improving the skin will make the skin much healthier, more beautiful, more re low light and full of life vitamin a vitamin has been proven unfairly now they have revealed that to me so that I can reveal to you the vitamin d is already proven can improve memory.

Now because it does very interesting because it is made by people who have vitamin e or consume vitamins that in another name is the but they absorb it makes the sympathetic nervous system turn on or whatever the nervous system of neural activity turns it on and the person will have a better memory will be more awake the more awake they will be able to feel better is going to be with the brain acting feels good and can have irrigation the person who takes vitamin and in addition to having the memory goes to have good health in the material of the heart and also of the skin because it is a fabulous antioxidant now watch out you should not take a lot of vitamin e because the nervous system turns it on, it is true, it makes the memory become can turn on.

But at the same time some people can make you sleep If you are going to take vitamin E, anyone is going to take vitamin E, take the morning in the morning at 7 a.m. 8 a.m. after wake up not at night because it will turn on the nervous system keep alert and obviously vitamin d will also improve memory so during the day always better number 4 fourth vitamin in this case it is a home remedy that I could not stop putting it in this because.

It’s worth everyone to consume it’s worth everyone to use it here I have a question quickly to go to ramírez and the author question for how long to take vitamin b12 beloved to go can be taken as many times as you want as long as you want what is necessary for your Well, he was dying, he can come back and Miriam Paucar asks me, doctor, can he give the children this vitamin if you can the multi vimento is a vitamin natural organic is not synthetic.

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