4 Plants To Lower Your Blood Pressure How To Lower Your Blood Pressure Remedies For Hypertension

4 Plants To Lower Your Blood Pressure How To Lower Your Blood Pressure Remedies For Hypertension

Introduction Of 4 Plants To Lower Your Blood Pressure How To Lower Your Blood Pressure Remedies For Hypertension

4 Plants To Lower Your Blood Pressure How To Lower Your Blood Pressure Remedies For Hypertension. Which are the four plants that you will not be able to consume at home to control your pressure what are the four floors you should use every day or at least frequently to control the pressure on the first floor here I have some interesting questions and I will answer a little bit of the first floor that I suggest you use is the basil is delicious the basil is truly fabulous especially when it is known it places it to a paste when good rice with pesto a delicious flavor and the truth that basil lowers the pressure in addition to being rich in nutrients be fabulous for the body and in addition to having all the benefits.

Lowers pressure leaves one calm memory good improves memory

That you can see it even in a lower our pressure but why does basil lower the pressure very simple basil contains a substance called Eugene is an antioxidant that relaxes the joints rather than the circulation arteries veins and lowers pressure leaves one calm memory good improves memory in step and truth It is very effective in improving circulation, the heart, oxidation, and pressure so don’t forget basil whenever I can I have a little plant here in my kitchen I take advantage of and remove basil whenever.


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I go to eat one good salad and I always use it a big hello here a new member of the angelica community channel you will see a big hello and welcome to level 1 a big hello angelica alright a question I have interesting that they just did me here, Kalahari luz tells me and asks me the doctor could you explain to me why tension levels are higher in the early in the morning it will be that it is true that sleeping or not sleeping sneaky These levels are a very good question because the pressure is higher in the early morning see let’s think a little if I have to get up in the morning I have to have good pressure and the body has to raise that pressure and many times at that moment when a person gets up in the morning it hurts here behind the head in the lower part of the neck and it hurts because there is pressure because.

It rises too much then the body has to wake up pressure rises cortisol rises sugar rises and the person with high blood pressure often hurts the back of the neck so you know why the pressure rises in the morning because the body has to get out of bed and if the pressure is already high to start it will raise even more so you have to lower it to be able to regulate it and put it on well in order look here I have another question that you ask me to see it rolled, the doctor asks me, is it that stress increases the pressure blood pressure and how much loved to see it there are people and people who you die of pressure from stress if you have stress and do not control stress Yes.

It will increase the pressure and if it can kill you

It will increase the pressure and if it can kill you for example with a scare one dies of pressure gives a heart attack with a concern of Divorce may also increase the pressure and it can give us a heart attack, we can die so very careful with stress s calm do not fatigue it is because stress kills number 2 second floor that they can use the parsley for the pressure every day the parsley that serves to make parsley salad that is used to make juices especially low our pressure but because you see it down there are two important reasons why it goes down the pressure is first a diuretic, that is, it makes the kidney release can urinate can clean the blood and obviously if the fluid drops in the circulation that I have in the body will also lower my blood pressure. Read More 4 Plants To Lower Your Blood Pressure How To Lower Your Blood Pressure Remedies For Hypertension.

If you perform a kidney cleanse lowers the water you have accumulated and obviously, the accumulation of water in the body will lower its pressure because having less water and less swollen stressed arteries goes also free the body of that from there so I parsley every day parsley will lower your blood pressure not only does it contain vitamin c lowers cholesterol has carotenoids and improves a thousand and one other health condition so parsley juice with lemon if you can all and here I have another question from the people who just gave me a punch Carvajal asks me hello doctor, a greeting from Ecuador I am hypertensive and I control myself with 100-milligram atenolol and chlorite 25 I have a long time of treatment and it worked for me but now it is going up that.

I can do very well lady’s belly start eating the vegetables What am I telling you and the plants that I tell you nowhere on the canal because that is what the body is going to use to do so that it can lower itself blood pressure if you take medication is fine but the problem comes when the body can no longer control it with medication and needs help so that it can work then you have to give it the tools you have to give him parsley you have to give him basil you have to give him what I’m going to reveal from here to little that it is also very important third herb or if you want plants for the third pressure the famous garlic It is one of the herbs.

Eat it fried even in any way you will lower the pressure

If you want or one of the most powerful tubers that exist it is a plant a root of a plant and that garlic can be added to meat to chicken to salad in oil as dressing garlic is fabulous if you want you can eat it fried even in any way you will lower the pressure because it contains the famous sulfur substances which is a substance that is called allicin and it’s allicin lowers pressure lowers cholesterol reduces fatty liver improves circulation and measures one thing or another in health and you have it at home you do not have to buy it you do not have to do anything now how did.

I ask myself here the last question that They made me Mrs. Pancha we need we also need I need you iron lady also exercise we have to exercise because if not there is exercise there is no elasticity of the arteries when you run jump arteries stretch and contract stretch and contract and that elasticity will be with which your body can then control the pressure by stretching or shrinking as necessary and they are not read arteries and circulation last so very very important about the Penya I ask doctor good afternoon my husband is hypertensive and suffers from insufficiency kidney, that is, you cannot urinate in addition to being high blood pressure, you cannot urinate and release the water that.

Which will help you a lot ok fifth quarter fourth plant

I can give you to stabilize your pressure two things sir, absorb the garlic first, the garlic will help you enough to lower the pressure, and second to the ponytail as long as the Juve is in this ending that doctor landívar dotcom can find it to make the kidney work to release the kidney and also that can even give you parsley which will help you a lot ok fifth quarter fourth plant that we can use for the kidney it is a seed and it is a seed that comes from a plant that everyone we know the grape seed is called the grape that you eat when you buy purchase in the whole does not buy the grape that m what is this called that is infertile.

That does not have great that does not have seed any buy that grape buy the grape with seed and if you don’t like the seed you eat the grape, remove the seed, put it aside and go accumulating to you grape seeds in a jar if you want once it is accumulated, obviously they have to wash it so that the bacteria in their saliva do not impregnate and do not end up damaging the seed but wash it well and keep it the seeds put them in the sun and save it and when they have high pressure you grind that seed and take it that grape seed will lower you.

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